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In Permaculture - Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability (2002), the younger co-originator of the permaculture concept wrote

The permaculture design process can be thought of as a top-down change management process.  It might begin by focusing on external factors of a physical and biological nature, but it is increasingly drawn back to a personal change process.  ...[A]s people begin to think more systemically about their house and garden design the issues of the way they live are drawn into the picture.  As a result of this more wholistic approach, personal change is often shown to be an easier, faster and better process for improvement than the external environmental changes that are the initial focus. (emphasis added)

Meaningful Makeovers, inspired and influenced by permaculture, differ from it by giving the practitioner carte blanche to focus first on personal change (paradigm shift), if s/he chooses to do so.  No other difference is material!  As such, it is suited particularly for use in metropolitan areas where humans are dense-packed, a residence may be rented and/or heavily shaded, garden space may be minimal-to-non-existent and most precipitation becomes stormwater on impact.

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