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Hello Everyone,
I just noticed Rob has posted the talk he gave at TED. Here is the link.
I plan on e-mailing it to people, perhaps it will better explain Transition then just text.

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Thanks Kirsten - We've been waiting for this one to show up. It's a good one.
Thanks for the link, Kirsten. As I expected, the talk is excellent. The applause was rather tepid by TED standards (but this was in London rather than California). I imagine the audience at TED conferences is tilted toward the technological, so many of them were not likely to welcome talk about dramatic changes to the world in which they operate. The comments on the TED page for the talk, from all around the world, illustrate just how closed TEDsters are to Rob's message. Thankfully, there are also those who get it.
I thought Rob looked very nervous up there. I couldn't help but be a little disappointed after such a long buildup of anticipation.

I think if you aren't able to sell people on the inevitability of powerdown, then you won't be able to sell them on Transition. I mean, sure, you can find things in transition here and there that might appeal to them, but they won't swallow the overall EDAP concept if they don't buy limits to growth.
Hi Kirsten,
Thanks for the tip on Rob's TED.COM talk. Very interesting. We're thinking of showing this at the end of our book discussion in Putney, VT on Dec. 8.

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